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Welcome to our Blog

The purpose of our blog is to share with our viewer's aromatherapy and CAM updates and features other related topics from the wider field of complementary healthcare which we hope you will enjoy. Before continuing please view our disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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Lavender – the Quintessential Oil

There is no doubt, lavender, alongside rose, is one of the most useful, dynamic, essential oils. It’s beneficial properties are numerous. An amazing skin healing agent, Lavender’s cleansing, anti-microbial, pain relieving, calming and emotionally uplifting qualities, renders it one of the best first aid oils to have in your collection.

Palliative and Elderly Care Using Aromatherapy

Conventional drugs often have many side effects and take a week or more to work. Chemical drugs are regularly given product licenses although exact mechanisms for them are not understood. According to the AOT Assessment, 75% of all currently available treatments have not had sufficient scientific scrutiny.

Understanding What Your Qualification Equates to

When you undertake an aromatherapy course it is important to understand what your qualification amounts and the difference between an Award, Certificate and a Diploma. These are set by a variety of government led examining boards in the UK. The credit system is designed so that credits can be transferred and reduce repetition of units.

Essential Oils in Historical Context

The history of essential oils is inseparably entwined in the evolution of medicine, evidenced through ancient medicinal texts and artefacts left by civilisations living over 5,000 years ago. Applied in the form of fumigants, incense, cleansers, antiseptics, antibiotics, bactericides and preservatives, as well as psychosomatic ....

Aromatherapy and the Sense of Smell

When they are inhaled through the nostrils, essential oil molecules are taken up deep into the brain. Just how the tiny aromatic molecules pass into the bloodstream is not entirely understood as yet, but research has shown that they come into contact with the part of the brain which regulates the nervous and hormonal systems in our bodies.

Essential Oils: The Autumn Years

Marguerite Maury (1895-1968), the Austrian-born biochemist and aromatherapist, eloquently delves into the subject of aging in her book “The Secret of Life and Youth” (1964), in which she explores the psycho-emotional-spiritual process of ageing and the natural relational qualities of essential oils and plants.

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