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Book Review: Why Do Muscles Hurt? by Jane Tilton

Posted by admin at 09:14 on 23 Sep 2022


I loved this book.  Why wasn’t it around when I was studying?  If I knew anyone who was studying to be a bodyworker of any description, IWHY MUSCLES HURT.jpg would recommend this book to them.  It is also a good book to have in your clinic to share with clients who do want to get better as it gives some excellent ideas for self care.

Josie’s experience and skill comes to the fore in this book.  Lovely examples of how she has helped people over the years, it doesn’t preach or tell you what to do and it is very easy to dip into and read as much for enjoyment as for learning.

It’s very clear – laid out well so if you want to ignore the affirmations you can and just skip to the exercises.  Or, and as a couple of my clients have found, once they read the affirmations they are very pertinent and will often bring forth comments such as ‘oh that is so true’ or “Can I write that one down – it rings true”.

As an aromatherapist it is very helpful with suggestions of oils to use and thus a home remedy can be blended for your clients, perhaps with the affirmation and an example of an exercise. The oils chosen are easily obtainable and a good range are given, so for people who want to buy and mix their own blends don’t have to spend a fortune.

 I find this book invaluable as a kinesiologist.  This book gives you that extra ‘edge’ when working with those clients who don’t seem to get better no matter how much work you do with them.  Dipping into Josie’s knowledge means you can look at issues in a different way.

The other thing I found good about this book is that it is easy to open – it stays open where open it, and there is plenty of clear space on each page making it easy on the eye, finding what you want is thus made a simple task that can be done in a clinic setting to share information with a client.

All in all I would recommend this book to new and more experienced therapists alike.

For more information and to purchase

If you would like to learn more about our the author and to purchase the book please visit www.easeme.co.uk. The book is also available on Amazon. The author, Josie Donaldson also recently did a webinar for the IFA on the subject of her book and the recording is available in the members area - to access your are welcome to join us as a friend member.