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Welcome to our Blog

The purpose of our blog is to share with our viewer's aromatherapy and CAM updates and features other related topics from the wider field of complementary healthcare which we hope you will enjoy. Before continuing please view our disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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Essential Oils and Combating Viruses

We are now well into the ‘cold and flu’ season in the UK. A lot of us have tried and tested ‘family remedies’ to ward off bacteria and viruses – my father was a baker and a keen “every weekend” sportsman – fit and healthy he took a pinch of baker’s yeast and ate a boiled onion every day. I do not remember him ever having a cold!

Winter: Natural Remedies for Seasonal Ailments

This month we celebrate many old and new traditions in a very short space of time – the Winter Solstice, Christmas, New Year, Twelfth Night, Plough Monday to name a few. All are steeped in the wonderful mix of our traditions. Natural remedies for seasonal ailments are probably the oldest of all traditions and Aromatherapy is....

Shelf Life and Storage of Essential oils

Essential Oils are natural chemical compounds that are susceptible to changes in the environment in which they are stored. They react and change composition in the presence of light both natural and artificial, temperature, containers that the oils are stored in. Essential oils particularly the citrus oils and ones with a high terpene levels...

Aromatherapy & Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Winter is coming. It will get colder and darker. The cold is not a problem – it is relatively easy to keep warm - but coping with the long hours of darkness is another problem altogether. How do we cope with short daylight hours? How do we keep our energy levels up when there is little sun about? This is our perennial problem - are we SAD?

The Role of Aromatherapy in Maternity Care

By law only midwives can practice midwifery and provide care and deliver babies, with notable exceptions. Women today are demanding more control of choices in maternity care. Evaluation and audit of maternity services has encouraged questions into the necessity of many traditional practices, and care has been adapted accordingly.

Natural Aromatic Cleaning Products for Use at Home

In the current eco-friendly climate, more and more people are rejecting industrial cleaning products in favour of less harmful options. As Aromatherapists, we are perfectly placed to create our own substitutions, thereby helping to protect the environment and ourselves whilst using effective, aromatic and natural ingredients.

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