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Who We Are

The International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) is the first and largest governing body for professional aromatherapy worldwide. With a longstanding reputation in the field the IFA quality mark is recognised globally as symbolising experience, expertise and excellence in the field of aromatherapy. Self-funded, we were established in 1985 to represent the rapidly developing aromatherapy profession and to safeguard the public by introducing standards and regulation for aromatherapists and qualification providers. Our key purpose is to protect the public and provide a register of aromatherapists and training providers who meet the qualifying standards. 

In 1986 we gained charity status with the purpose of preserving health by advancing the knowledge and practice of aromatherapy by means of education and practical training. Our non-profit status means that all our income is reinvested into raising awareness and extending our outreach as well as supporting and nurturing our member’s professional development. The IFA has an illustrious reputation for its voluntary activities and sponsorship of the integration of aromatherapy into a variety of communities and social contexts. 

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We represent aromatherapy before government bodies and actively engage in and respond to government lead debates for the use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) to enhance the health and wellbeing of the public. We continue to develop new qualifications to cater to the needs of the public and update our curriculum to ensure our qualifications meet the expectations of government health committees. 

As a single discipline body we understand the therapy inside out.  We understand the challenges, education, research and development requirements of our members, which allows us to deliver a specialist service to them. The IFA ensures the guidance it provides to registrants is consistently reviewed and updated, taking into consideration new legislation, changes in law and service user feedback.

The IFA is governed by a board of trustees with a breadth of knowledge and expertise who direct and manage how the charity is run. The board are supported by numerous subcommittees and specialist advisors. All decisions taken are independently and peer reviewed to ensure impartiality in all our dealings.

The IFA is a truly international organisation with training centres, accreditation and members across the globe. We support our international members with our multi-lingual website and educational material and employ multi-lingual staff to allow all those wishing to gain the IFA’s kite mark of professionalism an opportunity to do so.

We are dedicated to protecting the public and regulating independently, fairly, consistently and proportionately.

Our Values
The IFA is dedicated to the following good practice principles in its work ethic and ensures it remains socially responsible:

  • Professionalism and striving for excellence
  • Taking pride in delivering quality
  • Committed to the principles of equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity
  • Apply its principles of regulation proportionately and transparently
  • Accessible to all those who meet, or seek to meet, our standards of practice
  • Apply good employment practice
  • Ensure those who are displayed on our register(s) remain accountable for their actions 
  • Operate a conflicts of interest policy to ensure all decisions taken are in the public best interest

Affiliated with:

London Chamber of Commerce Member 
Largest networking and business support organisation who provide the IFA with a legal advice helpline.

Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) Verifier
The IFA verifies practitioners in Aromatherapy for CNHC registration

Aromatherapy Council (AC)
The IFA has been an active member of the AC since 2004, who are a regulatory body for professional standards in Aromatherapy.