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What we do

The IFA was established primarily to protect the public.

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The IFA is the Professional Body for aromatherapists and protects the public by providing a register of qualified and regulated aromatherapists and its approved by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) a UK body accountable to parliament. We set the standards that practitioners are required to meet continuously in order to be displayed on the register with strict regulation guidelines. All members are bound to abide by the IFA Professional Codes of Practice, Ethics and Conduct and have registered voluntarily. All those displayed on the register have, as a minimum, met the national occupational standards of practice in their work; hold a first aid certificate; current insurance certificate; and undertake continual professional development (CPD) on an annual basis to remain registered. We investigate complaints about alleged breaches of our Codes of Practice, Ethics and Conduct and impose disciplinary sanctions in keeping with regulatory healthcare guidelines.

The IFA is also an Awarding Body and assist the public to gain internationally recognised qualifications and the highest standards of integrity, knowledge and professionalism to protect their clients, the public and the profession. The IFA is recommended by the UK Government National Careers Office and UCAS. We protect the interests of learners by providing a range of accredited and regulated training providers, external examination and examiners. The IFA provide training providers with innovative courses to teach and a range of professional syllabi with clear aims and learning outcomes that supersede the national occupational standards and aromatherapy core curriculum requirements. We set the standards that training providers are required to meet in order to be displayed on the register. All training providers are bound by the IFA regulations and procedures and have registered voluntarily. We monitor the performance of accredited centres and investigate complaints if a centre falls below these standards and impose sanctions such as action reports to proactively improve their performance where appropriate.

As a Charity set up in the public interest we are committed to the holistic and clinical integration of aromatherapy into a wide range of NHS hospitals, hospices and complementary healthcare practices, including self-care and home pharmacy. The IFA is actively involved with improving academic standards and influencing policy in the practice of aromatherapy for the benefit of the public and profession and is an active member of the Integrated Healthcare Collaborative (IHC). We actively engage in, and respond to, government led debates for the use of CAM to enhance the health and wellbeing of the public. We raise awareness of aromatherapy and offer scientific, empirical and current information about aromatherapy and essential oils to the public, practitioners, educators and the media.

We are dedicated to protecting the public and regulating independently, fairly, consistently and proportionately.