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What We Do

The IFA was established primarily to protect the public, which we do in a number of ways in our various capacities.

Governing Body


The IFA is a Governing Body and represents the profession before government and other decision-making bodies, including a wide range of international organisations. We raise awareness and seek to influence policy wherever possible, to increase access to aromatherapy. We are actively involved with improving both academic and regulation standards worldwide.

We promote the objective evidence base that supports aromatherapy comprising of clinical trials, case histories, clinical audits and also patient reported outcome data. We consistently review and update our guidelines so that our registrants’ submissions can be worthy of academic interest. We are proud of our historic and ongoing commitment to investing in research to further evidence the field. We offer empirical and current scientific information based on the most recent research about aromatherapy to educators and the media and furthermore, a route to becoming a qualified clinical aromatherapist.

The IFA is a stakeholder in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), referred to by the NHS and an active member of the Integrated Healthcare Collaborative (IHC), amongst various others prestigious affiliations. We established Aromatherapy Awareness week in the early noughties. Our journal ‘The Aromatherapy Times’ is registered with the British Library and we are currently undertaking three research trials with the Northumbria University to further validate the profession.

Professional Body

The IFA is a Professional Body for aromatherapists and protects the public by providing a register of qualified and regulated aromatherapists. We set the standards that practitioners are required toIFA PSA ACCREDITED REGISTER.png meet in order to be displayed on our register. All listed practitioners abide by the IFA Professional Codes of Practice, Ethics and Conduct and have registered voluntarily. All those displayed on the register have, as a minimum, met the UK national occupational standards of practice in their work; are fully insured; and undertake continual professional development (CPD) on an annual basis in order to remain registered. All registrants are accountable for their actions and must be able to explain and justify them. We investigate complaints should a registrant fall below those standards and impose sanctions to maintain the integrity of our profession and ensure the public can choose with confidence. 

For our registrants, we not only provide them with the accolade they need for employment within the health sector but also the support to have a flourishing career.

The IFA is an approved accredited register by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) a UK body accountable to parliament and recommended by the UK Government National Careers Office.

Awarding Body


The IFA is also an Awarding Body and assists practitioners to gain internationally recognised qualifications and the highest standards of knowledge and professionalism. We periodically review our curriculum content to reflect the very latest developments and evidence-based practice. We protect the interests of learners by providing a range of accredited and regulated training providers, external examinations and external quality assessors (EQA’s) to ensure the integrity of the end point assessment. We set the standards that training providers are required to meet in order to be displayed on the register. All approved training providers are bound by robust regulations and undertake quality assurance audits. We monitor performance and investigate complaints if a centre falls below these standards and impose sanctions and action reports, where appropriate to proactively improve their performance.

The IFA provides training providers with innovative courses to teach that meet specific learners’ and employers’ requirements, which cannot be satisfied through current regulated qualifications. These exceed the national occupational standards and cater for niche social and health environments enabling postgraduates to work in a multitude of medicinal, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as enabling them to work with those with complex needs.

The IFA is recommended by the UK Government National Careers Office and UCAS.                                                    


As a Charity and self-funded body, we are committed to the holistic and clinical integration of aromatherapy into various health and social settings. When we say we want to increase access to aromatherapy, this isn’t just words, we get out there and we do it. We donate funds, expertise and train care-leads as part of our charity projects to integrate aromatherapy into health and social services.

We have pioneered the use of aromatherapy in the NHS and various other sectors, to not only improve the care available and further validate our work but also to improve the industry we represent. We reach out and respond to those in need and through various methods we integrate aromatherapy into that environment for example, hospitals, special needs schools, nursing homes, orphanages, at times of displacement, with the homeless and more.

Our internationally acclaimed charity projects have not only been reported in the media by local and national press but has earned us the title of being a Guinness World Record Holder. Everton Football Club have even gone on to sponsor an additional group of mothers to learn Aromacare.