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What Makes us Different?

  1. The IFA was the first established governing body for aromatherapy worldwide. Our long standing reputation in the field, wealth of experience and supportive network enables us to deliver our registrants a specialist service. 
  2. The IFA has the highest level of education and training in aromatherapy in the UK and introduced the qualifying framework (curriculum), quality assurance and externally invigi-lated examinations in 1989 for aromatherapists.
  3. The IFA’s early tutors and experts, who created and informed our curriculum, were taught by some of the most influential names within the field and pioneers of aromatherapy itself.
  4. The IFA has never compromised on its standards or advocated distance learning when applying essential oils or massage. All IFA examinations are externally verified by quality assurance assessors, to ensure true integrity before candidates are granted the IFA’s benchmark. 
  5. The IFA was the first aromatherapy governing body to receive charity status in 1986 for the public benefit, and is one of the only UK professional bodies to have funded and orchestrated essential oil research projects in furtherance of its objectives.
  6.  The IFA pioneered aromatherapy in the NHS since the 1980’s with our integrative care pro-gramme, campaigning activities and registrants volunteering services, which is why aromatherapy is as accepted by the medical profession, as it is today.
  7. The IFA pioneer courses to cater for various sectors of society and to make aromatherapy more accessible to the public. E.g. the IFA Aromacare course, which is tailored for those with physical and mental restrictions has been featured in the national press and the Professional Essential Oils Therapy Diploma which incorporates aromatherapy into a variety of different pharmaceutical and multi-discipline environments. The IFA has also worked with various government health committees, particularly in Asia, to improve the practice of aromatherapy worldwide.
  8. As part of our charitable objectives to extend the knowledge and integration of aromatherapy worldwide, the IFA is extensively involved in supporting other charities and initiate charity projects as part of rehabilitation and care programmes with a proven portfolio, and have helped over 50 other charities.
  9. The IFA’s journal, the Aromatherapy Times, provided to registrants and students to keep them informed of best practice, has met the stringent requirements to be registered with the British Library.
  10. The IFA is run by aromatherapist for aromatherapists. The IFA is not a commercial organisation and ensure all those involved in delivery of our services uphold the highest standards of integrity.