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Awareness & Fundraising Events

Each year we raise awareness of our wonderful therapy, our registrants and schools at various global events. During these events we also fundraise for our cause. 

Featured: Setting a new GUINESS WORLD RECORD!

In the past we have attended events such as:


On 26th March 2018 at the Heung Yee Kuk Building, Shatin, Hong Kong, IFA members came together for a historic event which set a new Guinness World Record. This was achieved by giving 30-minute aromatic hand massages simultaneously to 297 elderly people, beating the previous world record of 250. All participants were recruited locally from hospices and care homes. To make this happen the IFA funded the materials and expenses of the event in excess of £5,000 and provided the volunteer therapists. This landmark in the IFA’s history is an amazing honour not only for the IFA but all our members who took part. It was a wonderful illustration of our members doing what they do best - helping, healing and supporting their local community. An incredible accomplishment and memorable day.

  • Alternative Practitioners Exhibition (UK)
  • Anti-Ageing Show (UK)
  • Body Power (UK)
  • Buro Pido (Holland)
  • Camexpo (UK)
  • Chiswick Business Park (UK)
  • CIAE Expo (China)
  • Clothes Show Live (UK)
  • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Expo (UK)

Chiswick Business Park (UK)

Natural Medicine Exhibition (Japan)

Chelmsford Festival (UK)

  • Cosmobeaute Asia Beauty (Japan)
  • COPA (UK)
  • Diabetes UK (UK)
  • Endometriosis Conference (Ireland)
  • Good Health & Wellbeing Expo (UK)
  • Healing Arts Exhibition (UK)
  • Health Show (UK)
  • Healing and Beauty Life Style Show (Japan)
  • Health, Wellbeing and Learning Expo (UK)

Nursing Charity Event (Japan)

Guiness World Record (Hong Kong)


  • Holistic Health Show (UK)
  • Iikley Festival (UK)
  • Intimidate World Asia (Singapore) 
  • Korea Convention (Korea)
  • Leisure Industry Expo (UK)
  • London Health Show (UK)
  • Massage Vak Beaurs (Netherlands)
  • Mind Body Soul (UK)
  • Mind Body Spirit Royal Horticultural Halls (UK)

Olympics (UK)

Natural Therapy Convention (Korea)

Vitality Show (UK)

  • Natural Medicine Show (Japan)
  • Natural & Organic Products Europe (UK)
  • Olympia Beauty (UK)
  • One Life Live (UK)
  • Primary Care (UK)
  • Professional Beauty (UK)
  • Personal Development Expo (UK)
  • RHS Chelsea Flower Show (UK)
  • The Vitality Show (UK)
  • The Wellbeing Show (UK)

Nursing Festival (Japan)


Good Health & Wellbeing Expo (UK)

Cosmobeaute Asia Beauty (Japan)

Massage Vak Beaurs (Netherlands)

Cyprus Covention (Cyprus)

Olympia Beauty (UK)

Breast Cancer Marathon Volunteer Massage Therapists

Knowsley Feed Good Festival

Read more about the day >>>

Since the IFA launched its Aromacare course in 2008, its outreach has extended beyond all expectations and is now taught all over the world. In the North West of England, the Aromacare course has been integrated into various district councils, notably in Merseyside. Out of gratitude to the IFA and Knowsley Council, on 5th August 2019 the Aromacare postgraduates in Merseyside were keen to encourage awareness of this course at the Feelgood Festival. The festival is held for one day each summer, at which Knowsley Borough Council and partnership agencies, such as the NHS, work hard to improve the health and wellbeing throughout the area. The Feelgood Festival is a well-attended and important event for the community, combining fun activities and professional advice in order to promote physical, mental and emotional health and well-being through a variety of activities. The organisers of the festival very kindly donated a double stall for the day, enabling a team of Knowsley's IFA Aromacare volunteers to provide massages and information about the safe and effective use of essential oils.


NHS Well to Excel Fair

Read more about the event >>>

IFA Chair (at the time), Sue Mousley, as a Royal College of Midwives Workplace Representative helped organise an event which combined the celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the NHS and the NHS’s staff wellbeing event. The day was entitled ‘Well to Excel’ meaning if staff were healthy and well they would excel at patient care. The day had two main components, the first being the outside area which encompassed everything from the 1940’s era. Staff dressing in uniform with a tea party, accompanied by ration books and old pennies. In the inside area there were therapists and public health stands offering advice in complementary therapies. In the aromatherapy area Sue gave advice on Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies and information about the IFA and gave seated acupressure massages.