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Aromatherapy with Social Crises

Aromatherapy can create an atmosphere where the recipient feels cared for, physically relaxed, calm, and restful. It is particularly effective in response to crisis situations and social displacement on both a cellular and spiritual level when the persons affected are feeling unbalanced, drained and anxious. Other social issues include those that affect the tools of our trade. The IFA advocates the sourcing of essential oils in a socially and environmentally responsible manner that extract natural oils in a sustainable way. Examples of our work include:

We have set up and funded charity projects for the following causes:

For the last 11 years we have supported the Charity Crisis 

Crisis is a UK national charity for people who are homeless. They help people directly out of homelessness and campaign for change to solve this national crisis. Over the Christmas period they set up centres across East London, Newcastle, Oxford, Edinburgh, South Yorkshire, South Wales, Croydon, Brent and Merseyside, called Crisis Skylight to provide a homeless person with their most basic needs, as well as giving them somewhere secure and happy to be over the Christmas week when they have nowhere else to go. Last year over 8000 volunteers helped Crisis deliver this programme which helped almost 5000 homeless people. The IFA provided volunteers and have sponsored Crisis each year since December 2012 with equipment and products in the excess of £12,000 in total, to be used by the volunteers and in the shelters.

Womens Abuse Refuge
(Broxtowe Women's Project)

Broxtowe Women’s Project helps women living in the Borough of Broxtowe who are experiencing domestic abuse. They provide a confidential helpline, outreach service, training courses and drop-in sessions, all aimed at empowering women and to help them survive domestic abuse. In November 2019 the IFA sponsored £1,500 towards their care programme and provided an aromatherapy taster day to incorporate aromatherapy as part of their care package. The IFA attended a ‘Befrienders’ meeting providing treatments using simple techniques e.g., hand massages and Aromacare to provide relaxation to support group participants and taught about how to use scents for emotional and mental benefit.   

Orphaned Children with HIV
(Santa Clara Foundation)

The Santa Clara Foundation in Chile shelters HIV positive children from deprived backgrounds. Because of their condition many have been treated as outcasts and reduced to living on the streets. They come to the shelter presenting with high levels of aggressiveness, low self-esteem, irritability, anxiety and sleep disturbances. The core group who resides at the premises are children between 1 and 14 years old, who have either been orphaned or abandoned by parents with advanced AIDS and were incapable of looking after them. At the IFA’s Singapore conference, we delivered a two-hour workshop to bring more recognition to the foundation and raised £1,500.00, which was used to improve the sanitary facilities at the shelter. We are pleased to have worked alongside Lady Sarah Ferguson who also actively supports and promotes the Santa Clara Foundation. In addition, we sent aromatherapy oils for our therapists to massage the children, with treatments being carried out through two hour twice-weekly visits.

Orphans of Natural Disasters
(Qiu Zhi Primary School)

The Qui Zhi Primary School in Shanghai, China is a volunteer ‚Äčled institute for orphans of disasters living in the mountain areas of Shanghai. In 2015 the IFA collected, over its 2-day conference, 22000.00 RMB (£2472.30) for the school, to help towards coal and blankets for the winter months together with educational materials, books, dictionaries, pens and writing tools to further their educational facilities. Alan Howell’s company Shechina - also gave clothes and suntan screen, as the children live so high up in the mountain their skin is affected by UV rays. Our CEO, Pauline Allen educated the teachers about essential oils that would help their skin and assist the children in overcoming transitional feelings of anxiety and physical discomforts. When the cheque was presented to the headmaster at the end of the IFA China Conference, a group of children from the orphanage took to the stage and sang. The children loved the teddy bears that they received from the IFA and the school expressed their thanks with a banner and scarves they had made. A truly wonderful end to an IFA conference that brought home the value of our work.

Sustainable Farmining Project
(Chile Bursary Project)

Juan Paillamilla was a young, enterprising and hard-working Mapuche Indian, who lived in Villarrica, South of Chile. He had started an indigenous aromatherapy project that would hopefully help him and his family and community find new sources of income. He raised awareness of his people’s traditional herbalism as a means of sustainability in his country and abroad. Juan approached Sylvia Galleguillos, regarding studying the IFA certified course that she ran in Chile and asked whether the fees could be waived, as he could not possibly afford them. Sylvia decided that Juan was a worthwhile and genuine case to take on but unfortunately could not afford his travel expenses. The IFA sponsored Juan’s travel and accommodation expenses so that he could further his education and improve his community with his newly gained knowledge of essential oils. He now has his own distillation farm ????


The Whale and Dolphin Charity (WDC) have serious concerns about the use of spermacti in skincare products within the Cosmetics Beauty and Holistic Industry about the use of spermaceti used in skincare products. Many of the general public are unaware of the ingredients that go into the production of cosmetics and that sperm whales are killed in the process to get this yellow wax used in product formulation. Carina Coen attended a meeting with Mr Eduardo Quesada, President of IJEC (International Jojoba Export Council) on behalf of the IFA to reinforce the use of eco alternative Jojoba oil instead of the use of spermaceti, as an alternative to cosmetic products that contain whale derivatives. As part of those talks, the WDC and IJEC joined in a historic collaboration. Please see the Eco Oil Argentina, for information about the partnership and its long-lasting affects. 


The IFA & Whale and Dolphin Charity (WDC)

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