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Aromacare with Disabilities & Special Needs

We introduce our Aromacare programme into various environments and into practitioners’ day-to-day care regimes. Aromacare communicates caring and understanding with the elderly, children and as a means of stress relief for those who have prohibitive physical and mental conditions. Aromacare provides a core programme of experiences to address what is described as the “triad of impairments”, social communication, impaired imagination and high levels of anxiety. The difference this course has made to mothers with autistic children, children with ADHD, teenagers with behavioural issues, abuse survivors who can’t bare to be touched and in palliative care for example, has been truly astounding. The spectrum of people it touches far reaching. 

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Angela Billington
Aromacare Practitioner

January, a new year and the month of my birthday! Yay! A special day in our house. It's never a day off of course. Mine is a busy house and let's just say two of my four children are a little complex! Laura is the third of my four children. She is now 19 and was born with congenital birth defects including a cleft palate and a cranial defect which were both operated on when she was small. She has severe learning difficulties, is non-verbal and has autism. She is partially sighted and is photophobic as her irises didn't form properly. Her behaviour can be quite challenging to say the least and what she lacks in height she makes up for in personality! Once met never forgotten, my little ginger whirlwind who adores a back massage and the aroma of mandarin. Joe is my youngest. My platinum blonde gentle giant. He is 17, he has profound and multiple learning needs and severe epilepsy. He is wheelchair dependant and depends on me for everything apart from drinking which he does himself with a special cup! He loves a foot massage and a story massage too! He is non-verbal too, however this doesn't stop him letting me know his likes and dislikes. He is sensitive, mild mannered and loves sleep! There's an element of nerves when starting anything new. This, mixed with excitement, my love of meeting new people and, I'll admit, even a little bit of skepticism. With all of this, I embarked on and fell in love with Aromacare! At the risk of quoting an 80's cult classic, when you care for someone with complex medical and learning needs, 'life moves pretty fast......' You really do have to stop, take stock, make time for yourself, recharge and never ever feel guilty for doing so. A glass half full family we try not to dwell on the more challenging days and move onwards with life making memories.... It's not just myself that has embraced the world of essential oils. Touch is a huge part of everyday life in my house. My two non- verbal children have had to find other ways to communicate. Both are completely dependent on me for their daily cares. Strong aromas can affect their mood and the level of pressure when being held can be interpreted as pain if given too softly. Massage and oil blends have become part of our daily routine. They have their individual favourites - as do I. Aromacare has not only brought with it new skills and new friends, it has given me the opportunity to share my experiences and my new found knowledge with others. I would love to give back to my own community, to the IFA who funded my place on the course and to those who, without it, may not experience something so simple as just holding someone's hand.


Featured: Aromacare and the Knowsley Council

The Borough of Knowsley is a part of Merseyside, which is a diverse area that faces a number of social and health challenges. Huyton, Halewood, Kirkby and Stockbridge Village, are some of Merseyside’s most economically deprived communities. Health and well-being support to vulnerable groups within the community takes place through various council services and partners. Knowsley Council contacted the IFA for help with parents who have children with complex needs and those within their care with a combination of complex disabilities. The families were finding themselves having to cope with numerous challenges, upsets and frustrations on a daily basis. The IFA Aromacare programme changed the lives of the many parents and carers who took the course, making family life more relaxed and improving the one-to-one time they have with their child. A lot of the parents who wished to join the Aromacare course didn’t have the means to do so and needed funding. With the support of Knowsley Council and funding of the IFA over 100 carers have completed Aromacare training in the area since 2011. Below you can read a testimonial of just how much it meant to a participant – truly heartwarming and only makes us more determined to reach more people. For more information click here.

We have also sponsored our Aromacare programme to be delivered in:

  • ABG Trust (UK)
  • Bluebell Park School (UK)
  • Changwon Convalescent Hospital (Korea)
  • Community Champions Parkview (UK)
  • Knowsley Council (UK)
  • Mandeville School (UK)
  • Memory Lane Charity (UK)
  • Natural Baby Care (Japan)
  • Old Schoolhouse Community Project (UK)
  • Portesbery School (UK)
  • Sense UK (UK)
  • Stars Charity (UK)

This list is not exhaustive and for legal reasons cannot name some institutions. 

Participants have also been sponsored not only by the IFA but Knowsley Council, Alan Boswell Insurance Group and even Everton Football Club! 

Obviously, we’re not biased when it comes to which football team we support … at all

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