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Our Charity Work and Projects

When there is no conventional treatment available to relieve symptoms or alleviate an illness, complementary care is often the only form of support people have. Essential oils have the potential to tap into the emotions, to heal and soothe the body and promote spiritual connection. Aromatherapy can help create an atmosphere where the recipient can feel cared for, physically relaxed, calm, less anxious and restful. It also has the potential to play a vital role in care and recovery programmes. 

Each year, once all the bills are paid and our regulatory responsibilities fulfilled, we set aside a percentage of our revenue in furtherance of our charitable objectives. We raise awareness, train care leads, donate funds, provide equipment and initiate various charity projects. We reach out and respond to those in need and through various methods we integrate aromatherapy into that environment. We have pioneered the use of aromatherapy in numerous sectors to not only improve the care available and further validate our work but also to improve the industry we represent. We are immensely appreciative of our registrants who have not only dedicated their careers to the profession but also their valuable spare time to undertake volunteer work and support our projects. In the UK, their collective voluntary work in the health sector pioneered aromatherapy in the NHS. It is important to remember that without the fortitude of IFA members, aromatherapy would not be as accepted as it is today. We are proud of our historic and ongoing commitment to investing in research and delivery of our aromacare programme. If you are able, please consider donating in some form to help our cause.