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Board and Committees

The IFA is governed by a board of unpaid trustees with a breadth of knowledge and experience who direct and manage how the charity is run. The board of trustees are volunteers elected by the members of the Federation.

The IFA Chair, Martyn Yates, chairs the board meetings with her fellow trustees. Each trustee is duty bound to act in the best interests of the federation and work as a collective to further the Federation’s objectives. All trustees are required to sign the trustee declaration form and to declare any potential conflicts of interests with the IFA on an annual basis.

The board of trustees are supported by numerous committees and specialist advisors. Specialist advisors act as consultants to the Federation.

The trustees meet six times a year at our London head office to discuss existing strategies, formulate new strategy and to ratify new policies.

If you wish to contact a trustee or committee member this must be put in writing addressed to the IFA head office to be discussed at their convened meeting.